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We attract and convert buyer and seller leads For REALTORS & Loan officers without You Spending A Dime In Advertising!
You're Just One System Away ...
Have Your Best Year EVER In 2019 With
Modern Digital Agents
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What's In Store For You In 2019?
It's Time To Take Control Over Your Business...
Dear Realtors & Loan Officers,
This 30 day program is designed to help you build and scale your business using our tools & coaching program.

If you're tired of jumping around from system to system not converting leads, then this program is for you!
We want to help you to
take Your Business to:
"The Next Level!"
Phase 1:  We brand "YOU" As The Go To Agent
We're going to brand you on Facebook as the obvious choice when selecting an agent!
  •  Attract Buyers
  •  Attract Sellers
  •  100% Done For You
You can absolutely build the business of your dreams if you can understand and implement just 2 key skills...

We call it ...
The “Who” And The “Why”
Who Are You Selling To? And Why They Need You!
It's That Simple.
The path to multiple 6 figures is made by answering and implementing these 2 questions.

Let me tell you, as soon as you figure out the “Who” and the “Why”, most agents go from making $40,000-$50,000 per year to $150,000-$200,000 per year almost overnight.

That means, you’re just one training and system away from being accredited as a Modern Digital Agent.
Our coaching program will separate you entirely from the the competition. Less than 1% of the agents in the world know how to do the ninja skills we teach to flood your inbox with qualified, motivated leads that have been pre-framed to WANT to do business with YOU.
In 2019, We Expect To Change The Lives Of 600 agents 
If you plan on keeping a career in real estate, you need to know these skills. 
Nothing will be more important.
Phase 2: Software That Auto Attracts Clients
Many of you have not been properly trained on how to get buyer and seller leads, you have burned through your warm market and now you're stuck.
You're not alone. I had the same problem when I started in real estate 15 years ago.

According to the the National Association of Realtors, 87% of agents will retire their license within the first 18 months.

Why do so many agents fail?

It takes a completely different skill set to work with friends or family and warm referrals than it does to get a cold lead to the closing table.

We're going to show you HOW to identify the EXACT type of client that you should be working with and most importantly WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!

Have you ever tried to search for coaches that specialize in helping you convert clicks into closings?

You won't find very many because they are very few that have made an exclusive living working internet leads, and even fewer that can actually teach it.
What You'll Achieve:
  • Engineering Your Perfect Client
  •  Dominate Organic Social Posts
  •  Attract Clients Like A Magnet
But Here's The Simple Truth...
If you implement our 4 phases of training to your existing business you will get more leads than you can handle and learn the skills and scripts needed to convert those leads into commission checks!
In fact, we have been training agents for the past 15 years on "How To Convert Leads" and now we're opening up the curtain and giving you a behind the scenes tour of exactly how we will help you build a massive real estate pipeline!
It's Just A Numbers Game!
Phase 3: Filter Them Automatically
What You'll Achieve:
  • Dominate Your Local Market
  •  Separate From Your Competition
  •  Brand Yourself As "The" Expert
Who has time to chase down leads that are not interested right now!

Would you rather have 30-50 leads per month that you have to chase or 2 solid appointments per week from buyers or sellers that specifically jumped on your calander to talk to you!

You may be the master at converting clients but there are only 24 hours in a day.

Which means that if you are using strategies that require alot of your time to manage, your time (and income) will be capped.

So, the question is... "How do you scale your business further without taking up more of your time or resources?"

It all comes down to two words!
Traffic & Automation !!
Phase 4: Get Solid Appointments
If you're taking a "reactive" approach to business, you're not in control. Reacting to business laid in your lap is completely different than a business model that you can control.
Don't fool yourself into thinking you are successful, when in fact you may just be lucky. Making an impression enough to get referrals is important, but that should always be the icing on the cake. Not the entire business model.

Your business should be predictable and scalable.

We're going to teach you how to turn on the cash ATM machine and produce business on demand whenever you want it.

Looking to grow a team? We've got you covered.
What You'll Achieve:
  • Get Buyers & Sellers Wanting You
  •  Automatic Nurturing & FollowUp
  •  Never Chase Dead Leads Again
No matter which phase you’re reaching for in your journey, I want you to understand that you're literally just system and training away... from your hopes, your dreams, and your future!
Take A Sneak Peak...
Inside the Training System.
This is NOT Like Any Other Program...
Unlike other programs (that don't even compare) from our
non-experienced competition (yes, we went there), rest assured this is different.

This is a kick in the pants, get it done, no excuses, make it happen implication program that will literally transform your entire life!

We do all the heavy lifting for a low monthly fee, all you have to do is use your super sales skills to get em' closed. 

And guess what? We're going to teach you how to do that as well!

We have designed this 30-day journey to be the best, and it is.

You'll be taken on an end-to-end journey from:
"Here's How To Get Your Social Media In Place For Maximum Impact"
"Here's How You Pre-Frame YourSelf As The Preferred Agent In Town And Have Clients WANTING to choose YOU"
Here's How To Convert Leads Into Closing & Life Long Referrals
It's a process.

It's a skill set that will support you for the rest of your career!
 Listen to what some of our students have to say About The Number Of Leads That They Received In The First 30 days!
Beta #1
Number of Leads: X
Beta #2
Number of Leads: X
Beta #3
Number of Leads: X
Beta #4
Number of Leads: X
Dwayne & Amanda Roberts
Lead Generation & Conversion Experts
30 + Years Real Estate & Mortgage Experience
Hi! We're Dwayne & Amanda Roberts!

We have been licensed agents for 15 years! After we passed the real estate exam, we quickly realized that we were on our when it came to marketing.

We have tried everything throughout the years. We got into this business to help people. We did not get licensed to pound the phones like a telemarketer to beg people to work with us.

After our warm market dried up, we were desperate so we bought leads from everybody, and I do mean everybody.

Most of them were NOT exclusive so we were fighting an uphill battle with 2-3 other agents from the very beginning.

We wanted a better way. We wanted something that would put our lead prospecting, phone calls, text messages and follow up emails on complete auto pilot!

We did not want to chase people, and I certainly did not want to keep investing in multiple systems that only produced cold prospects that already had an agent, could not come close to qualifying and were years away from doing anything.

That system simply did NOT exist.

We built it. Ground level up. Made by agents for agents.

Everything changed for our family.

Together we have earned more than 2 million dollars in our career all without cold calling, knocking on doors or sending out mailers.
If you're coachable,
 we can help you do the same.
"Leads Are Only As Good As Your Ability To Close Them..."
We Teach A Simple 6 Step System:
Step #1:
We Advertise For You
Step #2:
Leads Respond
Step #3:
Our Bot Filters Them
Step #4:
They Schedule Call
Step #5:
Get Them Under Contract
Step #6:
Cash Your Commission
Together We Have 30 Years Combined Experience Teaching Agents How To Become  Top Producers Converting Internet Leads... 
Beta #5
Number Of Leads: X
Beta #6
Number Of Leads: X
Beta #7
Number Of Leads: X
Beta #8
Number Of Leads: X
Frequently Asked Questions
How Do You Generate Leads With Modern Digital Agent?
We make posts in Facebook in local groups that have been proven for buyers and sellers to respond to, send them to a bot that filters the people who are ready now and nutures the others who need some more time. When they are ready they will provide you their phone number to call them and even scheudule themself on your calander!
How much does this cost?
$97 per month.
Is there any additional expense?
Nope! Everything is included 
Do you offer exclusive territories?
Nope! We're not going to limit where you market, that's crazy! Trust me when I say that the internet has enough users to supply every agent on the system plenty of leads on a daily basis.  
Who manages my Facebook postings?
We do! Let us do what we do best, and you concentrate on being a REALTOR or loan officer! 
Do you have a demo?
Of course we do! Visit this link to get a full system overview: www.realestateleadacademy.com/systemoverview 
Do you provide any training videos?
Absolutely! Once you gain access to our membership area, you will have many videos to help you navigate the system and sales training to employ best practices when closing deals. We provide scripts for buyers, sellers and objections. Make sure to sign up for our live webinar training where you ask any question and fine tune your closing skills.
Is there a contract involved?
Nope. We don't believe in them.  
Can I call and talk to someone on the phone?
We would love to speak to you. We do request that you watch the full webinar prior because it will answer 99% of all your questions. After that, you can schedule a call with one of our coaches to answer any additional questions that you may have.
What happens to my leads if I cancel?
We never hold your leads hostage. Export them and take them with you!
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